Semantic Image Manipulation Using Scene Graphs

CVPR 2020

Authors: Helisa Dhamo, Azade Farshad, Iro Laina, Nassir Navab, Gregory D. Hager, Federico Tombari, Christian Rupprecht Description: Image manipulation can be considered a special case of image generation where the image to be produced is a modification of an existing image. Image generation and manipulation have been, for the most part, tasks that operate on raw pixels. However, the remarkable progress in learning rich image and object representations has opened the way for tasks such as text-to-image or layout-to-image generation that are mainly driven by semantics. In our work, we address the novel problem of image manipulation from scene graphs, in which a user can edit images by merely applying changes in the nodes or edges of a semantic graph that is generated from the image. Our goal is to encode image information in a given constellation and from there on generate new constellations, such as replacing objects or even changing relationships between objects, while respecting the semantics and style from the original image. We introduce a spatio-semantic scene graph network that does not require direct supervision for constellation changes or image edits. This makes it possible to train the system from existing real-world datasets with no additional annotation effort.