Sequence-to-Action: End-to-End Semantic Graph Generation for Semantic Parsing

ACL 2018

Abstract: This paper proposes a neural semantic parsing approach – Sequence-to-Action, which models semantic parsing as an end-to-end semantic graph generation process. Our method simultaneously leverages the advantages from two recent promising directions of semantic parsing. Firstly, our model uses a semantic graph to represent the meaning of a sentence, which has a tight-coupling with knowledge bases. Secondly, by leveraging the powerful representa-tion learning and prediction ability of neural network models, we propose a RNN model which can effectively map sentences to action sequences for semantic graph generation. Experiments show that our method achieves state-of-the-art performance on Overnight dataset and gets competitive performance on Geo and Atis datasets. Authors: Bo Chen, Le Sun, Xianpei Han (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)