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Stanford HAI 2021 Spring Conference | Intelligence Augmentation: AI Empowering People to Solve Global Challenges

Mar 25, 2021
Artificial intelligence is poised to change every sector of the economy. How do we ensure that this technology will augment, not replace, humans? During HAI’s 2021 spring conference, scholars and industry professionals in the fields of healthcare, education, art, and others will discuss how AI technology can best support humans as they approach these critical global challenges.

13:50 Welcome 14:04 Introduction, Russ Altman @ Stanford HAI 14:29 Introduction, James Landay @ Stanford HAI 15:05 Introduction, Fei-Fei Li @ Stanford HAI 19:02 Introduction, John Etchemendy @ Stanford HAI 21:26 Session I: Healthcare 22:45 Immersive Technologies for Caregiving: Innovation Opportunities and Ecosystem Challenges, Deborah Estrin @ Cornell Tech 38:38 Student Lightning Talk, Kevin Wu @ Stanford 39:42 Student Lightning Talk, Maya Varma @ Stanford 40:46 Student Lightning Talk, Kevin Thomas @ Stanford 42:03 Student Lightning Talk, Adam Lavertu @ Stanford 44:08 On Complementing and Extending Human Intellect: Principles and Directions, Eric Horvitz @ Microsoft 58:09 Mobilizing AI to Achieve Healthy Child Development Worldwide, Dennis Wall @ Stanford 1:13:16 Safer and Proactive Care through AI, Suchi Saria @ Johns Hopkins University 1:23:00 Healthcare Session Discussion 2:19:39 Session II: Art 2:21:00 Other Intelligence: Exoticism and AI, Ken Goldberg @ UC Berkeley 2:40:53 Student Lightning Talk, Jack Atherton @ Stanford 2:41:55 Student Lightning Talk, Camille Noufi @ Stanford 2:42:57 Student Lightning Talk, Miguel Novelo @ Stanford 2:44:35 Student Lightning Talk, Panos Achlioptas @ Stanford 2:46:15 Artful Intelligence: Exoticism and AI, Michele Elam @ Stanford HAI 3:05:00 The Digital Griot: A Reimagining of the Archive, Rashaad Newsome @ Stanford HAI 3:14:49 Amplifying the Human Artist Through AI, Hilary Hahn & Carol Reiley @ 3:31:40 Art Session Discussion 4:13:50 Session III: Education 4:14:40 Escaping or Automating a Legacy of Bad Instruction, Daniel Schwartz @ Stanford 4:40:09 Student Lightning Talk, Griffin Dietz @ Stanford 4:41:10 Student Lightning Talk, Eric Rawn @ Stanford 4:42:13 Student Lightning Talk, Sherry Ruan @ Stanford 4:44:08 AI to Super Power Teachers, Chris Piech @ Stanford 4:54:52 Pushing the Boundaries of Educational Technology, Amy Ogan @ Carnegie Mellon University 5:07:23 AI to Accelerate Workplace Learning at Scale, Candace Thille @ Amazon 5:20:19 Education Session Discussion 6:01:33 Closing Remarks