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The Future of Filmmaking: AI for Volumetric Capture

Mar 04, 2021
Presented by Ilke Demir, Senior Research Scientist at Intel One picture is worth a thousand words. What about 100 simultaneous videos to reconstruct every frame of life in a dome? Is this data enough to reconstruct and digitize us realistically? Similar to other industries, the entertainment industry is also being reshaped by AI, especially towards AR/VR consumption. Before democratization of AI and data, such immersive experiences were lacking an essential element: photorealism. As our data increased, our models got deeper, and the reality became decipherable. This talk will introduce recent deep learning advancements in 3D vision, reconstruction, and shape understanding techniques with a focus on generative models to digitize performances and scenes. In addition to a discussion about how to process such large visual data, the challenges that come with scaling 10x over current capture platforms, and over 200x over state-of-the-art datasets will be presented. The talk will conclude with a sneak peek of upcoming productions in the world’s largest volumetric capture stage at Intel Studios.

00:00 Intro 4:15 The World's Largest Volumetric Stage 7:11 History 8:32 Challenges 23:22 Results 27:35 Conclusion