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The Role of AI & Machine Learning in 6G

Nov 03, 2020
This session of the 6GSymposium addressed the current status of AI and machine learning in the network and issues to overcome in order to reach the levels of pervasive, intelligent systems needed in advanced 5G and 6G networks. Experts from DARPA, Deepsig, Nvidia, InterDigital and UCLA share their thoughts and handle audience questions under the guidance of Northeastern's Kaushik Chaudhary. All this and more at

00:00 Intro with Kaushik Chowdhury 7:00 Key Demands and Solutions Driving 6G RAN with Tim O'Shea 14:50 Framework Importance for 6G and Beyond with Adam Thompson 20:52 Role of Spectrum Autonomy in 6G+ with John Davies 26:57 Future Technological Ecosystem with Danjiela Cabric 32:00 Role of AI/ML in 6G with John Kaewell 42:25 Q&A