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Top 10 TikTok Interview Questions

Jul 27, 2020
TikTok has been aggressively hiring in western countries for a few months now, and based on interview data they have a number of common behavioral interview questions they may ask. Generally, they expect you to be aware of their products and services as well as reason for joining TikTok. You should also be prepared to answer questions about personal failures, successes, data driven mindset, and ability to perform in a fast paced environment like TikTok's. Here are the list of common questions: 10. Do you know anything about our products and services? 9. Tell us about a failure and what you learned from that experience 8. A time when you came up with a metric to measure or to improve something 7. How did you use data to solve a problem? 6. When you had to work in a fast paced environment 5. Tell me about a noteworthy accomplishment 4. Strengths & Weaknesses 3. How do you handle objections / conflict? 2. Why TikTok 1. Tell me about your yourself / previous experience / walk me through your background