Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Visual Navigation

NeurIPS 2020

Advances in visual navigation methods have led to intelligent embodied navigation agents capable of learning meaningful representations from raw RGB images and perform a wide variety of tasks involving structural and semantic reasoning. However, most learning-based navigation policies are trained and tested in simulation environments. In order for these policies to be practically useful, they need to be transferred to the real-world. In this paper, we propose an unsupervised domain adaptation method for visual navigation. Our method translates the images in the target domain to the source domain such that the translation is consistent with the representations learned by the navigation policy. The proposed method outperforms several baselines across two different navigation tasks in simulation. We further show that our method can be used to transfer the navigation policies learned in simulation to the real world. Speakers: Kimin Lee, Devendra Singh Chaplot, Yao-Hung Hubert Tsai, Yue Wu, Lp Morency, Ruslan Salakhutdinov