Where Are You? Localization from Embodied Dialog

EMNLP 2020

"Where Are You? Localization from Embodied Dialog" is research conducted by Meera Hahn, Jacob Krantz, Dhruv Batra, Devi Parikh, James Rehg, Stefan Lee and Peter Anderson at the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech (ML@GT), Google, and Oregon State University. This paper was accepted to the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP). About ML@GT The Machine Learning Center was founded in 2016 as an interdisciplinary research center (IRC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since then, we have grown to include over 190 affiliated faculty members and 60 Ph.D. students, all publishing at world-renowned conferences. The center aims to research and develop innovative and sustainable technologies using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that serve our community in socially and ethically responsible ways. www.ml.gatech.edu